Build With Users Curated #2

A bite-sized issue on 'starting a community'

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The new Curated is here! It’s a short one, as we might delight you with another great piece of content later this week 👀. Maybe you’ve already read last week’s interview with Bailey Richardson. It’s especially useful for those considering starting a community. We’ve seen quite a few of our readers are in this orientation phase.

That’s why this Curated will be themed around that topic too. Also, we’d love to hear about your specific struggles. So let’s kick off with the question of the week 😉 👇

🧐 Question of the week

What is your biggest struggle starting a community?

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🖐 Favorite Five

In every one of these bi-weekly issues, we’ll highlight at least one cool read, video, podcast episode, tool, and person to follow on Twitter. You’ll find some mixed resources with an emphasis on starting a community for this issue.

📖 Favorite Read(s)

Turn Your Customers into Your Community

8 min read – This is something to read for anyone that needs to convince anyone in their team or org to buy into community building. It highlights its importance and has great examples of LEGO, Twitch, TEDx, and Porsche in it.

How to build an online community – why I’m all in on Circle

44 min read (44?! 🤯 Yes, that’s not a typo) – This one covers a lot! Although it’s partly about a particular tool in the title, there are more important parts to the read. Jay Clouse explains what community is, how to look at analog vs digital communities, why you should build an online community, what makes a community successful, tools, and a few other general things that are helpful for our friends early in the journey.

📽 Favorite Vid(s)

This is a practical run-through on how Mike Williams, founder of Everything Marketplaces uses Slack for his paid community. He shares how he configured things specifically to his community, how he operates it, and shares some tips & insights to make sure his members get a lot of value out of the community.

🎧 Favorite Podcast Episode(s)

How to skyrocket your community to the moon with method

~40 min episode – A conversation between Alexandre Durand-Chabert – CEO of Airparty, and Patrick Woods – CEO of Orbit about the rise of seeing ‘community as a moat’, and why the developer world is more mature than other verticals in terms of community building. It covers the topic of community KPIs and outputs as well. Patrick also shares a bit on the Orbit model to measure community efforts.

🛠 Favorite Tool(s)

Rosieland: modern community building courseWe’re cheating a bit here. It isn’t software but probably even more valuable if you’re early in the process. We’ve learned a lot from Rosie Sherry’s content, and this course Rosie provides seems really helpful when you’re starting from scratch, or you’re looking to re-ignite an existing community.

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