Build With Users Curated #3

It's all about content and flywheels

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We’re back with a Curated! We’re mixing up the long-form interviews, like this latest one with June from Zeplin, with these shorter form curated issues.

I know quite a few of you we talked to like the newsletter, and more specifically the interviews we started with. We sometimes get amazing messages, like this one from Uma:

That’s really what makes us tick! 💙 Thanks, Uma! If you appreciate the content, feel free to let us know. It keeps us going. Every once in a while, we do a shout out to show our appreciation! 🙏

But… we’re also eager to get thoughts on what other formats and subjects you’d like to see more of. So, the question of the week:

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🖐 Favorite Five

In every one of these bi-weekly issues, we’ll highlight at least one cool read, video, podcast episode, tool, and person to follow on Twitter. You’ll find some mixed resources with an emphasis on content creation & flywheels for this issue.

📖 Favorite Read(s)

How to Use an Online Community as a Content Marketing Pipeline

7 min readNoele Flowers talks about how you can harness the power of a brand community as your company’s most trusted content marketing pipeline. Using communities this way is an incredibly powerful way to show the value of community to other teams. If you can start to use your community as a content pipeline, you’ll become a sought-after internal resource for coworkers who create content, elevate the quality of discussions in your community, and reward your best community members.

Content Strategy for DevRel Teams: A Primer

9 min readStephanie Morillo wrote this post to educate DevRel teams on the absolute basics of content strategy and identify ways that DevRel teams can use content to help their audiences without having to start from scratch.

How I do Twitter for Indie Hackers

9 min readRosie Sherry shares how she approached Twitter as a channel for Indie Hackers based on the existing community. It covers some elements of the flywheel effect she wrote another great post about (paid article – but worth it)

📽 Favorite Vid(s)

This talk is focused more on Developer Relations and developer communities. But the concept of seeing communities differently – not as funnels – is universally applicable. Even to those of you that are in different communities settings.

Josh is the founder of the Orbit model (which we really like) and explains why communities aren’t funnels while he introduces his framework called the Orbit model.

🎧 Favorite Podcast Episode(s)

Scaling Content using the Power of Community w/ Atlassian

16 min episodeBridget Sauer who is the Senior Content & Customer Programs Manager at Atlassian is interviewed by Beth McIntyre. They talk about User Generated Content. Bridget speaks about the UGC programs she’s created, the strategies she has implemented, and how these programs meet both Atlassian’s business goals and their user’s needs. She briefly touches upon the flywheel principle as well.

🛠 Favorite Tool(s)

LoomThis isn’t an underdog we’re highlighting, but it’s great and I wanted to share it with you anyway. Just in case you aren’t familiar yet. It came up in our recent Build With Users Jam (a fancy word for our virtual meetup) as one of the most popular tools as well.

Especially when you’re in the world of community, this adds that human element to communicate things to your members. For one of our own products we’ve built (Shipright), we actually used this to update people on product changes every now and then.

Some ideas for you:

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