Build With Users Curated #5

Community moderation, DevRel team functions, and the future of community

Hey friends! We’re back with a new selection of great community content. This edition covers 3 functions of developer relations, community moderation, and the future of community. Enjoy! ✌️

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Communities are poppin’ up everywhere 🌱! What are your most cherished communities today (and why)?

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✋ Favorite five

📖 Favorite Read(s)

The DevRel Path To Success: Awareness, Enablement, Engagement

5 min read - In this article, Mary Thengvall talks about the 3 primary functions of developer relations: Awareness, Enablement, & Engagement, and which DevRel teams these functions typically fall into.

Community and Marketing have a natural overlap

5 min read - The folks over at Uncommunity organized an AMA with Krystal Wu, Social Community Manager at HubSpot. She shares her thoughts on how implementing community tactics can humanize your brand, grow your customer base, generate valuable product feedback, and builds authentic relationships.

Moderating Virtual Events

5 min read - Providing opportunities for like-minded people to gather is amazing, but doing it online is a whole different ball game. In this quick read, Charley Mann shares some practical lessons to help you navigate online moderation and presentation in the tech world.

🎧 Favorite Podcast Episode(s)

Creating Kinder Gaming Communities with Victoria Tran of Among Us

40 min episode - Marsha Druker from Create Community chats with Victoria Tran, Community Director at Among Us, a game played by millions of people around the world. Gaming communities have gained a reputation as being unwelcome and toxic environment for the average player. Victoria and Marsha take a deep dive into moderation challenges, creating social values, and how we can create more sustainable and kinder online communities.

The Future of Community-Led Companies w/ Alexis Ohanian

50 min episode – The folks over at The Community Club had a long conversation chat with Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit about the future of community-led. He shares his thoughts on why he thinks that more than 50% of publicly traded companies will have a Chief Community Officer within 5 years from now.