Build With Users Curated #6

The potential & challenges of voice-based platforms and communities

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The new Curated is here. I figured it would be interesting to focus on audio-based platforms and communities for this issue.

Discord—where voice is a major mode of communication—has been around for a bit (and Microsoft wants to buy them for good reasons), Clubhouse is all the rage these days, and Twitter came with Spaces. Greg Isenberg also shared his perspective on audio social networks becoming more and more popular from 2021 onwards.

Time to dive in, and learn a little more about the potential but also the challenges voice-based platforms and communities bring. It’s an interesting topic to think about for your own community. Enjoy! 🤩

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📖 Favorite Read(s)

The Future of Social Audio

5 min read – Covers an overview of the rapidly growing social audio market, the precise startups, business models, the new potential categories within ‘Social Audio’, and some brief market predictions.

Voice-based Communities and Why It’s So Hard To Moderate Them

6 min read – This article is a result of a study on Discord users that covers the ways community rules are broken in voice, and the many tactics and challenges of moderating real-time voice channels.

🎧 Favorite Podcast Episode(s)

How Clubhouse is Affecting Community w/ UiPath

17 min episode – Beth McIntyre from CMX and Bevy, chats with Diana Morgan, the Community Manager at UiPath. Diana has been in the community space for a while, and has seen the evolution of many community and digital connection platforms. In this episode, she talks about Clubhouse, the audio-only platform. They discuss how the use of real time events can enhance community engagement, and how something like Clubhouse could change how we interact with online communities.

📽 Favorite Vid(s)

How to Start a Clubhouse Room and Moderate Like a Pro

15 min video – As I pointed Clubhouse out earlier, I figured this would be a fun and helpful one if you’re new to Clubhouse and want to experiment with it for your own community. It’s a super practical one, with some etiquette, tips & tricks for starting and properly moderating an engaging Clubhouse room.

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