Build With Users Jams 🎸

A cozy (digital) meetup to talk about product & community building

Hi everyone! We have a small announcement to make.

In the next few weeks, we're hosting Build With Users Jams 🎸- Recurring and cozy online meetups where we chat about product & community building. 

It takes place every Tuesday at 8 PM (CET). The first edition was on Oct 27th.


  • 1 hour

  • Max. 7 people

  • We'll discuss a topic (shared upfront)

This is for anyone...

  • Making or managing a product

  • Interested in community building

In the upcoming Jam, we’ll talk about community engagement recipes👨🏽‍🍳

In the past month, we collected examples of hands-on, repeatable engagement formats in various online communities from product companies like Miro, Autocode, Framer, and many more. After a bit of iteration, we felt like sharing those recipes with all of you 🎁👇

We'd love to chat about this and learn together in our upcoming BWU Jams. Will you join us? If so, please register over here.