Community Engagement Recipes 🥘

Hands-on repeatable recipes to spark and reinforce engagement in your community.

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We hope our readers from the US have had a happy Thanksgiving, despite the current situation. Today we’d like to share some recipes with you. No, they’re not recipes for stuffed turkey… 😅

They’re all about repeatable things that you can do to boost engagement within your community. We’ve written these recipes a while ago, but haven’t really given them much attention in our newsletter yet. To complement these recipes, we’ve also compiled a list of good reads on the same topic. We hope you’ll find them useful!

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🥘 Community engagement recipes

Throughout our conversations and interviews with people who are enthusiastic about community building, we’ve noticed that engagement is always a hot topic. Questions ranging from creating a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers to keeping members engaged were often discussed.

In our previous issues, we’ve had some great examples on how to do this from people like Emily Lonetto from VoiceFlow and Guillaume Moubeche from lemlist. However, it can be a little hard to sift through all the content there to find all the nuggets that will benefit your own community. Therefore we’ve created a single place where you can find all these tips 👇

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🤩 Reads of the week

More interesting reads on increasing community engagement.

How to build a highly-engaged community with Slack

5 min read – An excellent list of tips compiled by John Saddington. He extracted these from an hour-long session on this topic between Jacob Peters, co-founder of Commsor, and Tom Osman of Makerpad.

Onboarding new community members: some thoughts

7 min read – In this article Andy McIlwain, senior community manager at GoDaddy, explains his views on how to successfully onboard new community members. As a gamer, he approaches the subject by thinking about it in the context of gaming. According to his view, you’ll want your new members to go through multiple phases, so that they’ll ultimately level up to become a full-fledged community member.

Why do they keep coming back? Real-world community members speak on why they keep coming back

5 min read – You may have nailed your onboarding, but if people won’t come back you’ll never create a lively community. In this article by Blake Ethridge, he asked people what makes them come back to their communities. Some good insights on how to retain community members can be found here.

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