What is it about?

With Build With Users we’re sharing lessons on how software startups with traction are building their business leveraging a user community. We’re interviewing people behind such companies to learn about how they grow their community, keep people engaged, and use their community to improve their product.

The goal here is that the rest of us can learn from it and build their own thriving user community and software startup.

Why care about this?

We believe that a lot of SaaS business will get commoditized and just having a great product isn’t all to great success. Having a group of people that care about your brand and product is critical. The ultimate form of it is a lively user community. It keeps people close beyond your core offering – there’s a greater purpose than just the value of your product. Above all, it’s the best way to consistently connect and learn from users to improve your offering faster than anyone else. 

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Frank Lagendijk
Co-founder & CEO at Shipright (Techstars '19). Product guy. @franklagendijk on Twitter
Gino Mangnoesing
Co-founder of Shipright. @GinoNL on Twitter.
Steven Aanen
Co-founder of Shipright (Techstars '19). Product & Tech. @stevenaanen
Lennart Nederstigt
Co-founder of Shipright (Techstars '19).