An interview with Addison Schultz, Product Specialist at Framer

April 2021

An interview with Erik Martin, Chief Community Officer at Teal
An interview with Daniel Phiri, Developer Relations at Strapi
The potential & challenges of voice-based platforms and communities

March 2021

An interview with Brittni Cocchiara, Senior Community Marketing Manager at Webflow
Community moderation, DevRel team functions, and the future of community
An interview with Tanay Pant, Head of Developer Relations at n8n

February 2021

An interview with Austin Kodra, Head of Content & Community at Fritz AI
🎯 KPIs & Metrics. Measuring community success
An interview with Mac Reddin, co-founder and CEO at Commsor

January 2021

It's all about content and flywheels
An interview with June Cho, Developer Evangelist at Zeplin